Major Hollywood Studio Reportedly Interested In Ace Ventura 3

Ace Ventura

We learned late last year that Morgan Creek Productions are eager to get started on Ace Ventura 3, but at this point, it seems everyone’s just waiting for Jim Carrey to sign off on the project and hop on board. When exactly that’ll happen, we don’t yet know, but according to our sources, there’s already some interest from a major Hollywood studio who hope to distribute it.

Though we haven’t been told who it may be, our intel says that one of the big studios (probably Warner Bros., if we had to guess, as they distributed the first two) definitely wants to do the threequel, but again, it all hinges on Carrey and if he’ll agree to reprise the role. And given that this comes to us from the same sources who told us about Morgan Creek developing Ace Ventura 3 months ago, which the company later confirmed themselves, we’ve no reason to doubt it.

But what could a contemporary Ace Ventura movie look like? Well, even at the time, his zany antics and eccentric behaviour annoyed as many people as they amused, so trying to recapture the exact brand of early 90s wackiness might fall short of the mark. However, with plot rumors pointing to Ace coming out of retirement, it might be fun to see what caused him to give up the Pet Detective business in the first place, and how he doesn’t now fit into the modern world. Kind of like a Dark Knight Returns take, but with more of the lead character talking out of his butt.

Whatever the case, Jim Carrey absolutely needs to be involved. They tried doing an Ace Ventura movie without him and, uh, let’s just say there’s a reason you probably haven’t heard of it. As such, we’re hopeful that the legendary actor signs off soon and whichever studio it is that’s shown interest hops on board and gets the threequel made.