‘Malignant’ fans are suggesting hilarious titles for a sequel


The success of A Quiet Place Part II, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and Halloween Kills showed that R-rated horror could thrive at the box office even in the midst of a pandemic, but the caveat is that all three of those titles were sequels to hugely popular originals, or the latest installment in an enduring franchise.

James Wan’s Malignant wasn’t quite so fortunate, despite being the first completely original project from one of the genre’s most popular filmmakers in a decade. The absolutely insane supernatural romp failed to recoup the $40 million budget from theaters, but it’s instantly found a whole new lease of life as a cult favorite based on nothing more than the fact it’s completely and utterly deranged.

Star Annabelle Wallis recently revealed that she’d discussed sequel ideas with Wan, and now fans on social media are putting forward potential and largely hilarious titles for the second chapter, and you can check out the suggestions below.

Without diving into spoilers, it would be safe to say that the third act of Malignant is the most ludicrously entertaining, completely jarring and entirely unexpected conclusion to a horror film we’ve seen in a long time, and it definitely ends on a note that could be described as sequel-baiting. If it does happen, then color us intrigued as to how Wan could possibly hope to raise the stakes.