Mamma Mia! Star Wants Dave Bautista For The Third Movie

dave bautista

One of Hollywood’s more unlikely billion-dollar franchises is Mamma Mia!, the feature-length adaptations of the ABBA musical. While the stage production was incredibly popular, it was still a shock when the instant cult favorite rocketed to $603 million at the box office.

Takings dropped significantly for sequel Here We Go Again, but a $402 million haul on a $75 million budget is still nothing to be sniffed at. A third installment was confirmed to be in development last summer, and it’ll feature some of the brand new songs the band have just released, their first new music in 40 years.

The Mamma Mia! cast is notable for packing the ensemble with massively talented names, many of whom can’t hold a tune to save their lives. One of them is Stellan Skarsgard, and in a new interview with ScreenRant, the actor revealed that he wants Dave Bautista to become the latest unlikely addition to the series.

“I wish I could say. It took ten years between Mamma Mia! and Mamma Mia! 2, if it’s going to take another 10 years, then I’ll be dead. I’m worried we might not get there. But if they call, I will say yes immediately, because the experience of doing those two films was fantastic. Yeah, and hopefully you’ll be in it, Dave. We talked about that. I want to dance with David on an island in Greece.”

mamma mia

Bautista has been open to broadening his career horizons as much as possible, so the thought of the hulking action hero doing a little singing and dancing in a frothy jukebox film like Mamma Mia! 3 would most definitely tick off another unexpected box on his to-do list.