Old Man Cap’s Age In Avengers: Endgame Has Been Revealed

Chris Evans Avengers Infinity War

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the final scenes of Avengers: EndgameThough the fact that Steve Rogers has traveled back to the past to live out a happy life with Peggy Carter works emotionally, it does leave us with a lot of questions about the logistics of it and how it all adds up. For instance, exactly how old is Old Man Cap when he sits by that lakeside and gives Sam Wilson his shield?

Well, after four months, we finally know the answer to this enigma. In a new video from WIRED about the special effects of Endgame, it’s confirmed that the elderly Steve is precisely 106 years old. There’s actually a lot we can glean from this information, as well. For one, now we know one more enhancement that the super-soldier serum gave him: a slightly longer lifespan than the average human. Considering he’s that old, Steve’s still looking pretty spry for his age, too.

One Reddit user has also used this figure to work backwards and outline Cap’s life post-Endgame. Seeing as he was 37 when he went back into the Quantum Realm, he must’ve spent 69 years with Peggy in the other timeline. Writers McFeely and Markus have specified 1947 as the year Steve traveled back to so we can gather that, following his wife’s death in 2016, Steve then felt it was the time to hop back over to the original timeline and tell his friends what happened, jumping forward to 2023 in the process.

Now, what we don’t know is what happens to Old Man Cap after this lakeside scene. Anthony Mackie has described Disney Plus’ upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show as seeing Sam and Bucky dealing with “life after Cap,” which suggests he may die off-screen after Avengers: EndgameThen again, Mackie is hoping to work with Chris Evans again on the series, so that might not be the case. Time will tell, but for now at least, we’ve finally got confirmation on Old Man Cap’s age.