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Watch: Batman Cosplayer Drives Streets In Batmobile To Enforce Quarantine

As COVID-19 keeps everyone quarantined, one Batman cosplayer is doing his part to help enforce self-isolation in his Batmobile.


As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to spiral out of control around the world, governments are increasingly enforcing strict quarantines on cities – and sometimes entire countries – to help mitigate the rate of infections. The novel virus has infected almost 1.1 million people and is responsible for the deaths of over 56,000 worldwide, marking a solemn time for the global population as everyone scrambles to stock up on food and supplies and hunker down in self-isolation.

Despite the ongoing fear and frustration taking over the world though, one man in Nuevo León, Mexico is taking it upon himself to add a smile to citizens’ faces. The Monterrey resident has begun dressing up as Batman while paroling the city streets in a Batmobile while trying to convince people to go home and quarantine themselves for the remainder of the outbreak.

See for yourself below:

It’s always heartwarming to see someone try to bring joy to others during a time of mass hardships, so hats off to Batmobile guy. Seriously.

Of course, many celebrities have taken to social media to urge social distancing and entertain their fanbases during the pandemic, too. Ryan Reynolds recently gave a shoutout to all of the healthcare workers on the frontlines to remind everyone that they’re the real heroes in this crisis, and William Shatner has been actively posting parodies of the original Star Trek‘s captain logs on Twitter during his own self-isolation. Meanwhile, David Harbour has asked his fans to begin texting him on a special app so that he can collect their experiences during the outbreak and find ways to help bring people together in such dire times.

The Caped Crusader can be seen next on the big screen in the simply-titled The Batman when it releases on June 25th, 2021.

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