Man Locks Wife In A Bathroom After Coronavirus Scare


A report from DailyMail states that a Lithuanian man locked his wife in a bathroom after she met with a Chinese woman.

After finding out his wife had encountered someone from China, the fearful husband immediately contacted doctors to inquire about methods for avoiding infection from the coronavirus. Still frightened beyond belief, he soon decided that his best option was to lock her in a bathroom until she could be tested. This resulted in the wife calling local police, who made their way to the couple’s apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania and took the cautious husband into custody.

The wife was tested for the virus after law enforcement rescued her from confinement. All tests came back negative, though, leaving the over-reactive husband arrested and probably feeling a little silly about his actions.

Though the COVID-19 coronavirus has shown up in around 80 countries thus far, there has been only one reported case in Lithuania. The deadly virus, which originated in Wuhan, China early last year, has infected over 90,000 people worldwide and killed almost 3,500. There have been 100 reported cases in the United States so far, leaving 11 dead and stoking growing fears of the epidemic spreading rapidly across the country. Thankfully, if you’re an optimist, you may be happy to hear that some health experts believe that the virus is slowing down.


The coronavirus is also impacting manufacturing around the world. Analysts have stated that toy manufacturers like Hasbro may suffer fairly substantial delays on Baby Yoda toys due to ongoing fears of spreading the virus. Some reports have even indicated it could impact the release date of Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming consoles, though there has been no confirmation of such delays from either company.

If you’re among the millions of people worried about catching the coronavirus, just remember to follow the normal rules of washing your hands regularly. And if you’re concerned that someone you know may be infected, maybe don’t lock them in a bathroom. Just get them to a doctor like a normal person.