Man Of Steel 2 Likely Won’t Be Announced Until This Summer


With the DC Extended Universe currently being in a state of repair, there are many fans – myself included – who are holding out hope that Man of Steel 2 will one day come to fruition. Yes, Superman has appeared in two team-up flicks since his last solo film hit theaters in 2013, but Henry Cavill is more than deserving of a proper followup. In other words, it’s time that he receive The Dark Knight to his Batman Begins, if you catch my drift.

Actually, it’s been said that there was much internal excitement over Cavill’s Big Blue at Warner Bros. ahead of Justice League‘s theatrical release, but its poor performance at the box office derailed plans for a Man of Steel 2 announcement that was intended for January.

Still, all hope is not lost.

As it so happens, Revenge of the Fans, who’ve had some pretty good scoops as of late, are reporting that the Superman sequel is still on – but the announcement that’ll include a director and release date has been pushed to summer, possibly reserved for San Diego Comic-Con in July. Come to think of it, that’d really make a lot of sense, especially when you consider that the biggest pop culture extravaganza around is known to be home to many major movie reveals.

Additionally, it’s also being said we shouldn’t expect to see Man of Steel 2 in theaters anytime before 2020. Truth be told, that’s entirely realistic when considering the timetable for a film of this sort. But at least it’ll probably be in good company, what with Flashpoint expected to land that year and possibly even Suicide Squad 2 if WB doesn’t release that one in 2019.

More on Supes’ next solo outing as and when we have it.