Early Man Of Steel Concept Art Reveals Zack Snyder’s Ideal Superman


Unfortunately for Zack’s keyboard warriors, despite the lore regarding a Snyder cut of Justice League never being more tangible than it has been for the last month, or so, we may have just been witnessing the founding father coming to terms with his departure from the DCEU, whether he was relieved of his duties or withdrew voluntarily.

Having shepherded the shared cinematic universe for half a decade, in a direction that the studio is no longer keen on pursuing, Zack Snyder officially announced earlier this week that his next project would be an adaptation of the 1943 Ayn Rand novel, The Fountainhead, much to fan chagrin. Thankfully, though, he presented us with a parting gift the other day, showing off a behind the scenes photo featuring Ezra Miller dressed as The Flash for a costume test.

Now, just in case his offering wasn’t sufficient, concept art from Snyder’s divisive DCEU opener, Man of Steel, has flown online, depicting Kal-El (Henry Cavill) in full costume and shredded beyond belief. Not to mention there’s also a photo of Supes using his laser vision, which is pretty badass.

Although he recently liked a post on Vero pertaining to a screening of the fabled Snyder cut of Justice League, where it seemed, if only for a brief moment, that we may one day behold the Knightmare narrative from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice come to fruition, it appears that Zack has finally moved on.

Given the plot of The Fountainhead – which follows an individualistic young architect refusing to compromise his artistic vision in the face of an oppressive establishment unwilling to accept innovation – it does make sense that he’d choose to tackle that project next. After all, Snyder may see similarities between himself and protagonist Howard Roark, who just so happens to be an uncompromising artist as well.

Circling back to this Man of Steel art, though, and once you’re done checking it out in the gallery up above, be sure to drop a comment letting us know what you think of it.

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