Zack Snyder Once Again Fuels Rumors Of A Justice League Director’s Cut


The lore regarding a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League has become much more tangible over the last seven days or so. Having revealed that the NetherRealm Studios video game, Injustice, did indeed influence the Knightmare narrative in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the director has now practically confirmed that Darkseid was his endgame.

When Justice League entered post-production, Snyder, whether he was relieved of his duties or departed voluntarily, was subsequently replaced by Joss Whedon in May of 2017, during which time the motion picture in question went through two months of reshoots. As a result, the theatrical cut differed significantly from Zack’s intended vision.

Evidently, the DCEU blueprint concocted by Snyder was so near and dear to the filmmaker that he’s sought a personal vendetta against Warner Bros. for their blatant disrespect of his efforts. Regardless of it being a tactic or harmless reminiscing, Snyder has already divulged a multitude of deleted and behind the scenes material from Justice League, fueling the belief that a director’s cut of the film does indeed exist.

Although, apart from his own doing, there really hasn’t been any hard evidence to corroborate the existence of it…until now. Earlier today, a fan on Reddit discovered that Zack Snyder recently liked a post on Vero pertaining to a screening of Justice League. However, this was no ordinary showing; it was a screening of the fabled director’s cut.

Zack, whose films such as Watchmen and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, have received the director’s cut treatment, has been indirectly adamant in his support of the Snyder cut, but could this finally be the proof that it does, in fact, exist!?

Maybe, but until Warner Bros. gives us something official, all we can do is speculate. In the meantime, though, let us know in the comments section below if you think we’ll ever see the Snyder cut of Justice League.