Man Of Steel Sequel Reportedly In “Active Development”

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice certainly explored the fallout from the events depicted in Man of Steel, many argue that it wasn’t a true sequel. Technically, those folks are right, because BvS qualifies as a team-up movie.

According to TheWrap, who were spot on with many of their Suicide Squad casting scoops, Warner Bros. now have a Man of Steel sequel in “active development.”

Here’s what they had to say:

Despite Superman’s battle with Batman, DC has been silent on a sequel to “Man of Steel” featuring Superman solo, leading many frustrated fanboys to believe that another film wasn’t going to happen. But a person close to the project told TheWrap that Superman is a top priority for the studio and getting the character right for audiences is of tantamount importance.

Warner Bros. did not immediately return a call for comment Monday.

Despite BvS having been such a divisive film, there’s a reason that the character of Superman has endured for more than three quarters of a century. No matter how anyone may feel about him or recent films he has been featured in, we can all agree that there will always be a handsome profit to be made from a timeless icon and I, for one, hope that Warner Bros. is indeed planning yet another solo outing for Big Blue.

Furthermore, many saw Man of Steel as Superman’s equivalent of Batman Begins and lamented the fact that he has yet to get his own counterpart to The Dark Knight, as it were. With countless comic books to act as source material and one of the deepest rogues galleries around, there’s no shortage of possibilities as to what another sequel could bring.

While no actual release date for a Man of Steel followup has been given, it should be noted that Warner Bros. have reserved two dates for untitled DC movies: October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019. It’s very possible they could take full advantage of one of those.

Until we hear more, tell us, what do you hope to see from a sequel to Zack Snyder’s divisive film?

Source: TheWrap