New Man Of Steel Trailer Coming In December

According to Superman Super Site, we’ll be getting another trailer for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in December. Apparently, it will arrive with Warner Brothers’ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and is said to feature similar footage to what we saw in the clip released at Comic-Con.

For those who saw the Comic-Con clip, you’ll know this is good news. July saw two pieces of footage from Man of Steel, the first being the Comic-Con video and the second being the first teaser trailer.

While I thought that what was shown at Comic-Con looked excellent, the teaser trailer was far from impressive and seriously underwhelming. I get that it’s just a teaser but still, with all the hype and anticipation surrounding this title, the studio could have given us something more.

I’m really hoping that Warner Bros. can do a better job with second trailer because the first one was a bit of a dud, and I’m far from the only one who thinks so. Then again, I do know some people that really enjoyed it but for me personally, it just didn’t do a whole lot.

Now, this news hasn’t been confirmed by the studio just yet but it does make sense. After all, rumours about the first trailer arriving with The Dark Knight Rises turned out to be true, so it’s good bet that these reports will pan out as well.

What do you think? Will the second trailer for Man of Steel arrive with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?