Man Of Steel Trailer And Plot Details Surface

As Warner Bros. gets ready to release The Dark Knight Rises, which will end Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, they will now turn their attention to their next major franchise, Superman. Though not much has been revealed about Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Superman reboot titled Man of Steel, once The Dark Knight Rises releases, you can expect that to change.

On that note, with just under a year to go until we see Man of Steel hit theatres, today we have two small tidbits of information about Snyder’s upcoming film. First, we’re hearing from Ace Showbiz that the film will have its first trailer revealed at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. No word on how long it will be or what it will show, but it will no doubt be very exciting. Of course, the studio hasn’t confirmed this but it would make sense to show off the first trailer at an event like Comic-Con.

Speaking of the trailer, we also heard that it would play in front of The Dark Knight Rises, which releases about a week after Comic-Con. Again, that isn’t confirmed by the studio either but I’m guessing that whether it’s at Comic-Con or with The Dark Knight Rises, we’ll have seen the first Man of Steel trailer before the end of July.

Now, for the second piece of Man of Steel info, we have a very small plot detail to share with you today. Once again, according to Ace Showbiz, a large part of the film will take place on a war torn Krypton. No further details were given and like the above mentioned information, it is not confirmed by the studio.

Of course, this doesn’t really give us much to go on but with a film as secretive as Man of Steel, I’ll take what I can get it.

So, readers, what do you think? Will a trailer for the film release sometime next month? And what do you make of the “war torn Krypton” plot point?