Marc Webb Says The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Is About “Whether Spider-Man Can Be Peter Parker”


A lot has been made of the numerous villains that may be involved in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but director Marc Webb says as much as this sequel to Spidey’s 2012 hit is a story of superhero vs. supervillains, at its core its a story of whether Spider-Man can still be Peter Parker.

At Comic-Con yesterday, one reporter from Indiewire was able to talk to Webb about a few elements of the film, which just wrapped shooting in New York. One thing they discussed is what aspect of Peter’s life this sequel is going to focus on. Check out what Webb had to say about that below.

“The first movie was about whether Peter Parker could be Spider-Man; this movie is about whether Spider-Man can be Peter Parker. He starts out the film with a level of virtuosity and confidence because being Spider-Man is so much fun. But his life as Peter Parker is also about suffering and there are so many dilemmas. The promise to stay away from Gwen [Emma Stone] after the death of her father is played out very early on. It puts them both in a difficult but infinitely relatable position. He has to confront this idea that loving someone sometimes means letting go… Relationships that are formed onscreen between Peter and Gwen interest me the most.”

Life isn’t always easy for a superhero, and there’s perhaps no character who has explored that aspect of being a hero more than Spider-Man. The character is usually juggling multiple girlfriends, school, other friendships, being an orphan, and keeping Aunt May blissfully ignorant to his night job.  All those tasks weigh on him even more when you throw in the pressure of balancing the public’s safety in your web fluid.

It’s nice to see that Webb wants to make that conflict an integral part of the story. And who knows, maybe his quote means that he wants to go as far as the Man-Spider storyline, really bringing into question whether our hero can ever be Peter Parker again. That may be a stretch, but it’d sure be awesome to see Andrew Garfield with eight legs.

The film’s panel is happening in Hall H at 5:30 pm today, so there’ll likely be some more interesting information coming our way then. Be sure to check back, as we’ll be bringing you all the Comic-Con and TASM2 news.

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