Marc Webb Chats With Stan Lee On The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb, director of The Amazing Spider-Man, was recently a guest on Cocktails with Stan, a web show from Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. For those not familiar with the YouTube channel, check out the description below:

“Stan Lee’s World of Heroes is a channel for all things related to the hero lifestyle and enthusiast culture. With both scripted and unscripted shows, we’ve got something for everyone from sci-fi and fantasy fans to viewers looking for comedy content and pop culture news. We’ve brought together some of your favorites stars from the geek universe and beyond. New shows coming soon!”

It’s great to see Stan Lee talk with various stars from different corners of the geek-verse and this time, it’s no different. I think those still worried about The Amazing Spider-Man can breathe easy as Marc Webb seems to display a proper and genuine understanding of the character. Stan Lee‘s claim that Andrew Garfield is the perfect Peter Parker is also highly reassuring.

There’s even a quick behind-the-scenes look at Stan Lee‘s cameo in the movie towards the end of the video.

Make sure to catch The Amazing Spider-Man when it comes out on July 3, 2012. It stars Andrew GarfieldEmma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary and Irrfan Khan.

Check out the amusing interview below:

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