Marc Webb Wants Kraven The Hunter As Next Villain, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Post-Credit Scene Appears Online

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With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 now out in theatres, all eyes are turning towards the future of the franchise. With most of the talk focusing on the planned Venom and Sinister Six spin-off films, it’s easy to forget that Marc Webb still has one more entry left in his trilogy. The recent sequel definitely laid the groundwork for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but we’re still very much in the dark as to which direction Sony will head in next. If it’s up Webb though (and I suppose it partially is), the future of the franchise might involve Kraven the Hunter.

In a recent interview with, the director revealed that Kraven is the one character that hasn’t shown up yet but that he’d really like to include in the next film.

 “Kraven. I like the idea of Kraven. The Vulture. Ock. I always thought the idea of Mysterio was interesting. Maybe Scorpion. But really, Kraven I think is kind of interesting,” said Webb.

For those unfamiliar with the villain, he’s a “maniacal big game hunter” who tries to defeat Spider-Man in order to prove himself the best hunter in the world. Also, he’s one of the founding members of the Sinister Six. That, coupled with the fact that his name has come up before in relation to future villains, means that there’s probably a pretty good possibility of us seeing Kraven show up in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Speaking of Spider’s third outing, another character who might show up is Norman Osborn. If you’ve seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Spoilers Begin), you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about, as the character died in that film. Well, it appears that Webb still has future plans for him.

In a deleted scene from the Spidey sequel, which was discovered by Geek Tyrant (via IGN), it was revealed that the character’s head is being kept in a cryogenic freezer over at Oscorp. Apparently, the scene saw the “Man in the Shadows” walking up to the head and saying “wake up old friend.” This could mean several things, but it most likely signals that Norman will be back in TASM 3. For more on the scene, you can check out two images from it at the bottom of this article (Spoilers End).

Finally, the last bit of Spidey news that we have for you today is the post-credit scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the webslinger. Instead, it features footage of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and you can check it out below. While this strange bit of cross-promotion is in place due to Fox letting Webb breach his contract with them to direct the Spidey sequel, it still seems weird that they would place the clip after the film. I imagine it would likely confuse most audiences, and lead them to believe that a team-up might be coming down the pipeline, which is not the case.

So, there you have it, tons of Amazing Spider-Man news to digest as we patiently await for more details on the upcoming entries in the franchise. Enjoy!