Marc Webb Talks The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Villain

The Amazing Spider-Man has just hit North American theaters and the film is receiving a fair amount of praise for its sense of realism and loyalty to the story of the web-slinger. Of course, seeing as the film is still brand new, interviews with the cast and crew are at a fever pitch. We’ve already seen several reports of members from the production discussing the sequel and now we’re got another one, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

This time, it’s director Marc Webb discussing who the potential villain could be for the sequel, which he may or may not direct.

“I do think it would be tricky to totally invent a major villain, but if I did that it would be The Mime. My big contribution would be a villain called The Mime…. That’s a joke, by the way. A joke.

For those who don’t know, the Mime appears in the Skrull Invasion comic book series as an underground spy. He originally faces off against the New Avengers, with his ability being able to replicate the powers of his foes. Admittedly, due to his origin, it’s highly improbable that The Mime will make an appearance in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, but who knows?

Even though Marc Webb was just having a little fun in his interview, we can never be too sure as to what Marvel is cooking up and maybe we will see the Mime in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Regardlesslet’s just hope the sequel continues to execute Spidey’s story with care, no matter who the villain is.

Who do you want to see in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?