First Look At Margot Robbie And Alexander Skarsgård’s Abs In Tarzan


With a supporting cast that boasts names like Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz, among others, there’s certainly reason to be optimistic about the film. In fact, it’s said to present an entirely new take on the classic story, with Tarzan having already settled in England with Jane at the start of the movie.  Don’t worry, though, as he’ll eventually make his way back into the jungle once the story picks up.

“It’s almost the opposite of the classic tale, where it’s about taming the beast,”says Skarsgård. “This is about a man who’s holding back and slowly as you peel off the layers, he reverts back to a more animalistic state and lets that side of his personality out.”

“In a way, this is a story of two human beings and how they save each other,” added Yates.

So, it definitely sounds quite promising, and with Yates behind the camera and a strong cast assembled in front, it looks as if all signs point to a successful adaptation.

Of course, we’ll have to see from footage to know for sure, but it likely won’t be too much longer now until we have the first trailer. Until then, though, take a look at the first photos above and let us know what you think.

Tarzan swings into theatres on July 1st, 2016.

Source: USA Today

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