Warner Bros. May Pull The Plug On David Yates’ Tarzan

David Yates may have done wonders for Warner Bros. with the Harry Potter franchise, but it seems that his excellent work at Hogwarts wasn’t enough to get his Tarzan reboot off the ground. Though it’s been in development for quite a few months now, and was set to star Alexander Skarsgard and Jessica Chastain, the film has hit a halt and now, it may be scrapped altogether.

According to Deadline, WB has “shut down plans to make the film this year, and are shuttering the production office.” In the meantime, the producers will attempt to re-work the budget so that Yates can still put the film into production with the cast he wants. So yes, once again, the issue seems to be with the money, as is always the case in Hollywood these days.

Though I can understand why the money may scare the studio, it’s still puzzling as to why they are pulling the plug. Yates has more than proven that he can turn a profit for the studio and Skarsgard and Chastain are both bankable names. Plus, Tarzan is a pretty widely known franchise and already has a built in fan base of people who love the character. So again, it’s odd that the studio is trying to kill this one. I actually think it could do quite well if it ends up being made.

There is still hope though as the studio hasn’t completely given up. It’s just been halted and if the producers can find a way to make the film for cheaper, then we may still get to see Tarzan hit the big screen. As always, we’ll keep you posted when and if we hear more on this one.

What do you think though? Do you want to see Tarzan get made? Do you care if it gets canned? Let us know in the comments below.