Here’s How Margot Robbie Could Look As Elsa In Live-Action Frozen Movie


Some new Frozen 2 fan art has surfaced this week and it gives us an idea of how Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie could look if she was cast as a live-action version of Elsa. Not that there are any real plans for a live-action adaptation of the hit animated film, mind you, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at what could be one day should Disney decide to give it a go. Which, judging by their recent track record, they just might.

In any case, as you can see in the gallery below, The Wolf of Wall Street star is well suited for the role and this piece nicely compliments the one we got of Emilia Clarke as Elsa the other month. Indeed, it’s not like the Mouse House would be hard-pressed to find someone to play the part should they ever decide to pursue a live-action adaptation, and both Clarke and Robbie would be excellent candidates.

See for yourself below, as we’ve also included the piece of Emilia in case you missed it:

Of course, Elsa has already appeared in live-action, though it wasn’t in a Frozen movie. Instead, it was in season 4 of hit TV series Once Upon a Time, where she was brought to life by Fringe’s Georgina Haig. Though Frozen 2 writer/director Jennifer Lee has already declared it as non-canon, it still gave fans a peak at how it could look should the animated film ever make the jump into the live-action realm.

In any case, we can at least look forward to seeing Elsa again in her typical form when Frozen 3 arrives in theaters. Granted, the studio hasn’t officially announced it just yet, but with the teases set up in the recent sequel and its impressive box office haul, there’s no reason to think they won’t make it.

Source: Instagram