Margot Robbie Reportedly Wants Gal Gadot In Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinoff

Gal Gadot Fast & Furious

Even the merest mention of the phrase ‘female-driven spinoff’ is enough to generate eye-rolls and skepticism from certain sections of the internet, but Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie faces the additional hurdle of trying to craft a new entry in a franchise that was headlined by Johnny Depp without being unanimously rejected by fans of both the deposed Jack Sparrow and the swashbuckling series itself.

Pirates of the Caribbean peaked with the first installment in terms of quality, but the following four sequels racked up billions of dollars at the box office and cemented Captain Jack as a modern day cinematic icon. The actor’s supporters appear to have lost any and all interest in seeing further adventures without his involvement, though, while the last time Robbie and writer Christina Hodson teamed up for a blockbuster with heavy lashings of girl power, the end result was a commercial dud.

Disney will surely be aware that they face an uphill battle in trying to even justify the existence of a new Pirates of the Caribbean pic never mind convince people to shell out their hard-earned cash to watch it on the big screen, which is why we’ve been told by our sources – the same ones who said the Mouse House were working on live-action remakes of Bambi and Robin Hood months before either was announced – that Margot Robbie wants Gal Gadot to sail the seven seas with her to give the spinoff an added dose of star power.

According to our intel, the DCEU’s Harley Quinn is hoping to have at least one of Hollywood’s biggest female stars join her in the Pirates of the Caribbean sandbox, and as a Fast & Furious veteran that’s about to return to our screens as Wonder Woman, Gadot is both more than experienced working on effects-heavy productions and is a longtime resident of the A-list who could definitely give the project a boost.