Margot Robbie Says She’s Not Taking A Break From Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad

Last month, Margot Robbie admitted she was exhausted from playing Harley Quinn twice in quick succession, and hinted that she could be taking a break from the character once James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad had hit theaters. Her solo movie may not have flown as high as either the star and producer or Warner Bros. were hoping, but Birds of Prey is already a cult favorite among DC fans.

The Suicide Squad is poised to fare much better, though, despite the box office still struggling to regain any consistency, not to mention a simultaneous HBO Max release. The returns posted by Fast & Furious 9 and Black Widow have shown that audiences will turn up in their droves for the right project, and a critically acclaimed comic book blockbuster from the director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy duology should be enough to entice them.

In a new interview, Robbie dismissed the previous reports she was set to put the former Harleen Quinzell on ice, saying she’s already good to go for another round.

“No, I’ve had enough of a break. I’m ready to do her again. I did Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad back-to-back, so that was a lot of Harley all in a one year period, but that was a while ago now. I’m always ready for more Harley!”

Robbie shot Birds of Prey between January and April of 2019, before heading back for the reshoots helmed by John Wick‘s Chad Stahelski, while production on The Suicide Squad started that September and ran through until February of last year. That’s over thirteen months on nonstop Harley Quinn, so the actress would be well within her rights to take a short sabbatical before diving back into the DCEU.

However, she’s raring to go, and there are plenty of upcoming titles on the horizon for both the big screen and HBO Max, even if few of them jump out as likely destinations for the Joker’s former flame to drop by.