Marisa Tomei Weighs In On Playing A Younger Aunt May In Spider-Man: Homecoming


If you’re at all familiar with Marvel comics, you’ll be well aware that Peter Parker’s Aunt May has typically been portrayed as a frail old woman. The Amazing Spider-Man franchise introduced a somewhat more sprightly version of the character, but Spider-Man: Homecoming having Marisa Tomei in the role changes the dynamic of the relationship between her and Peter in a big way.

Though that won’t include a romance of any sort with Tony Stark, it could lead to a fresh new take on the relationship between May and her nephew, something which would be no bad thing after decades of seeing the wall-crawler fretting about his sickly aunt. In a new interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert though, Tomei revealed that she actually asked Marvel and Sony to make her look older in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

“You can imagine my horror when I was cast and I started doing the research, but then I thought “well, I’m going to go with it” and I actually made a case to go, to age me up, but no they didn’t do it.”

Unfortunately for the actress, the request was quickly denied, but making her appear a decade older probably wouldn’t have had any significant sort of impact here anyways. Then again, with so little known about her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming thus far, her age could be an important factor.

More will likely be revealed in the next few months, but with the wall-crawler set to battle foes like the Vulture, most fans probably won’t have an issue with Peter Parker’s surprisingly hot Aunt May not being a focal point of Spider-Man: Homecoming when it swings into theaters this July.