Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Sheds Some Light On The Vulture’s Ties To The Avengers


Spider-Man: Homecoming is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with it being the first big-screen adventure starring the wall-crawler to take place there, it’s understandable that the reboot will be packed full of references to the shared world (hence why Iron Man looks set to have a leading role in the film).

In the comic books, the movie’s lead villain, Adrian Toomes/the Vulture, was an electrical engineer who turned to crime, and Spider-Man: Homecoming looks to expand on that a bit. In a new interview, director Jon Watts had this to say about how his origin story will tie into the MCU:

“In the same way that Peter Parker is the ground-level eyes through which we see the Marvel universe, I thought we could see Keaton’s character as the ground level of what the villain’s side of that universe could be. And that was really exciting. Think of all the crazy junk that’s been left behind from all the previous Marvel stories. Who cleans up? Who cleans up after the Chitauri monster? Is it regular guys who already did these kinds of jobs? Is it an agency who takes care of it?”

It sounds like Toomes will be part of Damage Control then, a company comic books fans will know are responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind by the Avengers. If Toomes has his hands on technology like that, it’s feasible that this is how future Spider-Man villains will also get their tech. It ultimately depends on what direction the Homecoming sequel takes, but having these guys essentially cleaning up the mess left behind by the Avengers would definitely be fun to see.

Everyone from Scorpion to Doctor Octopus uses some advanced tech in their battles against Spidey, so chances are this is a plot thread that we’ll see more of down the line. For now, though, the focus is on the Vulture, and you can catch more of him in the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer up above.

Source: The Wrap