Mark Hamill admits he can’t remember if Luke Skywalker was ever funny

luke skywalker
Image via Lucasfilm

Anybody that’s even vaguely familiar with the long, illustrious, and distinguished career of Mark Hamill both on and offscreen will be fully aware that the Star Wars icon is a funny, self-deprecating, and all-round witty guy.

Regularly found espousing nuggets of wisdom on Twitter, the actor and voiceover legend has become an online folk hero by sharing his thoughts and musings on anything and everything that tickles his fancy. Naturally, that includes his lengthy stint as Luke Skywalker more often than not, but Hamill can’t quite remember if the hero of the original trilogy had much to offer in the way of humor.

A resurfaced clip has been gaining plenty of traction on social media, with Harrison Ford and Hamill looking fresh-faced as they go over some early dialogue prior to their first trip to a galaxy far, far away. One cut line in particular led fans to lament its absence from the theatrical release, but Hamill wasn’t sure if Luke was ever one to drop a well-time quip through A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

Of course, Hamill’s long-awaited return in The Last Jedi hardly saw him gunning for the belly laughs, with many fans left furious with Rian Johnson’s depiction of the character as a bitter, lonely, old hermit who just wants to be left along. Ironically, the sequel trilogy in general came under fire for its forced-feeling Marvel-esque humor in places, whereas George Lucas preferred to keep the focus on heart.