Mark Hamill Accidentally Tweeted An Ariana Grande Reference, And Fans Are Loving It


Mark Hamill’s not known for his singing and Ariana Grande’s acting days look to be long behind her, and yet the Star Wars regular and the platinum-selling pop star somehow experienced a meeting of worlds via social media.

It all started when the actor best known for playing Luke Skywalker started taking requests from fans for messages to share, resulting in the following tweet:

“‘Thank you, next’


For those unaware, “Thank U, Next” is the name of Grande’s new single, as well as her upcoming album, and if you didn’t get the reference at first glance, then you’re definitely not alone, with Hamill himself acknowledging as such in his follow-up message:

“You know you’re out of it when someone suggests you tweet what you think is just a random phrase that turns out to be the title of the new album by @ArianaGrande, one of the most popular artists in the history of showbiz. #ImSorryAri #ItsUnotYou”

But while Hamill may not have been keeping track of Grande’s recent output, the singer herself seems to have a pretty good idea of who he is, and when Grande heard that Hamill had referred to her as one of the most popular artists of all time, she offered her own awestruck response:

“honest to god i’m not okay rn”

Hamill’s Twitter game has been pretty strong lately, with the star offering an array of jokes and insights on Luke’s last two big screen outings. If you’re hoping that he’ll be dropping some intel on the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX, however, then you’re probably out of luck, since Hamill tweeted in plain terms last month that he won’t be answering any questions on next year’s release.

With few official details on Luke’s posthumous return, the internet has offered an overwhelming array of theories and rumors regarding Hamill’s future in the franchise. And while most of this material comes across as wishful thinking from the fans, it’s at least been confirmed that the closing entry in this current Star Wars trilogy will be bringing us a little more Luke when the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.