Mark Hamill Confirms He’s In Star Wars: Episode IX, But Won’t Reveal More


There are a lot of rumors and theories swirling around the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX, and much of this speculation has something to do with Mark Hamill, who’ll be reprising the role of Luke Skywalker in next year’s trilogy-closer for what could well be the last time. But if you’re looking for some confirmation on any such ideas, don’t bother asking the star himself, because he sure won’t help.

Though Hamill remains an active member of the Twitter community, it seems that the actor is getting a little tired of being bombarded with fan questions, and with this recent tweet, he sternly advised his followers to give it a rest.

“I mention keeping my #StarWars opinions to myself & what happens? It triggers an avalanche of questions about the next one! All can is yes, I’m in it. Other than that, just consider it: EPISODE NEIN COMMENT.”

Presumably, this isn’t the official title that people thought he might’ve been teasing last month.

With Hamill offering no answers and Disney being much the same, the internet is pretty much free to entertain whatever crazy ideas they like. The latest big rumor to do the rounds is that the first teaser for J.J. Abrams’ film will premiere at the 2019 Super Bowl, on February 3rd, before the main trailer comes out in April at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago.

As for Luke, recently we’ve been hearing reports of big surprises, great displays of power, and even a duel with Snoke. While much of this will likely turn out to be false, the fans at least seem to be having fun imagining some wild scenarios. For what it’s worth, there’s actually a pretty good chance that Hamill will be spending much of next year’s release in Force Ghost form, but even that may not be confirmed until Star Wars: Episode IX comes out on December 20th, 2019.

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