Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher May Be Back For Star Wars Episode VII

Oh, the rumors! The instant that Lucasfilm went to Disney and Disney announced the return of the Star Wars franchise was the instant that everyone went: “Bring on the wild speculation!” And here it is, at its wildest! Reports have surfaced that both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher may be returning for Star Wars Episode VII.

Take a deep breath. Let that sink in. After reports circulated about Harrison Ford possibly reprising his role as Han Solo, it is really no surprise that the two other actors/characters that everyone really wants to see back on the big screen could be returning too. Granted that neither Hamill nor Fisher have exactly been major in-demand movie actors since Star Wars – although Fisher has done most respectably as a writer and one-woman show –  if true, this is still exciting news.

It might very well be true. There might also be truth to the rumors that Star Wars Episode VII will feature Han and Leia’s (and Luke’s?) children, which is borne out by the copious extended universe literature and comics. So to follow along with the children of the originals – and get the original actors to reprise their roles – would make a great deal of sense.

There is no official word from Disney or J.J. Abrams, but did you really expect there to be? They are going to string this one for just as long as they can. George Lucas has met with Hamill and Fisher (which does not mean much) and there have been persistent rumors about the film revolving around the kiddies. I really will not be surprised whatever way this falls out.

In all honesty, I do not know how I feel about bringing Hamill, Fisher and Ford back on board. In some ways, I’d rather keep them the way we left them, with Han and Leia all lovey-dovey and Luke at some peace with himself and his past. But then I have yet to get on board with the whole Star Wars Episode VII idea yet. I still have disturbing memories of the prequels.

What do you think? Would you be psyched to see the old cast back on board for a new installment, or should everything be fresh for Star Wars Episode VII? Let us know in the comments section.