Mark Hamill Confirms Presence On The Set Of Star Wars: Episode VIII

Luke Skywalker

Despite the movie’s promotional campaign kicking into high gear lately, very little is known about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that Star Wars: Episode VIII is an even greater mystery, but we at least now have confirmation that Mark Hamill will be showing up as Luke Skywalker.

While it was always expected that he would be reprising the role in some capacity, the actor took to his Twitter account today to reveal the following:

Other than Hamill, we still don’t know which other actors will be showing up in Star Wars Episode VIII, though it’s previously been revealed that Benicio Del Toro is going to play the movie’s villain.

With no sign of Luke Skywalker in the promotional material for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s good to know that the character is likely set to take on an even larger role in the second part of this new trilogy. How he’ll factor into things obviously won’t be revealed for some time, but we can rest easy knowing that everyone’s favorite Jedi will indeed be part of Episode VIII.