Mark Hamill Teases Star Wars: The Last Jedi Deleted Scene Featuring Luke And Admiral Holdo


Much has been said about the deleted scenes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In order to fine-tune the theatrical cut as much as possible, director Rian Johnson was pretty ruthless with what he removed from the movie. He’s already teased that some major scenes were left on the cutting room floor, too, including a significant moment for Rey. Thankfully, we’ll soon get to see some of these excised sequences, as it’s been announced that the film’s Blu-Ray release will come with a whopping 2 hours of additional footage.

As for what these scenes could feature, a lot of that remains a mystery, but one particular moment that didn’t make it into the final cut has just been revealed: a meeting between Luke Skywalker and Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, the Resistance leader introduced for the first time in The Last Jedi. This is particularly interesting, too, as the pair’s storylines didn’t converge at all in the film.

Mark Hamill himself teased the scene in question with a congratulatory Tweet aimed at his co-star Laura Dern, after she won a Golden Globe award for her performance in HBO’s Big Little Lies. Taking to Twitter to post the photo seen in the gallery below, he wrote: Congratulations to my favorite Vice Admiral, @LauraDern for her moving speech & well-deserved #GoldenGlobes WIN! (Fingers crossed our deleted scene is included in #TheLastJedi DVD extras) Much – mh #TheDevineMsDern

The news that Luke and Holdo shared a scene together suggests that the wider plot of The Last Jedi was altered somewhere along the line. In the final cut, Holdo had already sacrificed herself to save the rest of the Resistance before Luke appears as a Force-projection to face Kylo Ren on Crait. So, did the Jedi master originally project himself on the Raddus – the Resistance cruiser – as well, meeting Holdo in the process?

Or perhaps there was just an additional flashback sequence showing a younger Luke and Holdo? Alternatively, it’s also possible that Hamill is just trolling his fans here, as he knows how desperate we are for any info on the movie’s deleted scenes.

Time will ultimately tell, but you can now catch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in cinemas, while the film’s Blu-ray release is said to be pegged for March.