Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu-Ray To Arrive With Over 2 Hours Of Bonus Footage


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is only a month into its theatrical run, but already, people are starting to look ahead to its Blu-ray release, which shouldn’t be too far off if recent rumors are to be believed. In fact, just a few days ago, we told you that you might be able to take home Rian Johnson’s fairly divisive sequel this March and now, we might just have an idea of the extras you’ll be treated to should you decide to pick it up.

And that’s because both Best Buy and Target have let the cat out of the bag a bit early, as they so often do. As you can see in the gallery below, both retailers have begun promoting the release and thanks to them, we’ve got some new details to share with you.

For one, it looks like The Last Jedi will be getting a 4K disc, which is pretty exciting as a lot of people are upset that they still can’t watch The Force Awakens in that format. In fact, no Star Wars film has seen a 4K release yet, so this is definitely a big selling point. Then there’s the fact that the package will boast over 2 hours of bonus footage and deleted scenes. The exact details of all that haven’t been revealed just yet, but it sure does sound like there will be a lot for fans to dive into.

Finally, it appears as if Target will be giving customers a 40-page book if they purchase The Last Jedi there, which includes “an inside, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film with exclusive images, facts and personal insights from the filmmakers.” Not bad, eh?

As always, it’s best to take all this news about the Blu-ray with a pinch of salt until Disney gives us the official word, but a March release would make sense and of course, we’ve already heard about all the deleted scenes several times now from various cast and crew. As for what other features may be included on the disc, well, we’d imagine the usual behind the scenes docs will be there, too, but again, until we get an announcement from the studio, all we can do is speculate.

Staying in the here and now, though, Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues to use the Force at the box office, pummeling through one record after another and breaking into the top 10 highest grossing films of all-time. The current total stands at $1.23 billion, and even despite a slow start in China, analysts still expect a finish in the $1.6 billion region.