Mark Hamill Finally Picks Up Those Power Converters From Tosche Station


Any longtime Star Wars fan knows that the entire fate of the galaxy could have turned out completely differently had young and innocent moisture farmer Luke Skywalker simply made it to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters, which was the original plan much to his Uncle Owen’s chagrin, before he became waylaid after bumping into a certain Ben Kenobi.

Mark Hamill’s delivery of the line was so unintentionally hilarious and bratty that it became an iconic moment in Star Wars lore, which in retrospect was pivotal to the entire Original Trilogy’s storyline. If Luke had disregarded his uncle’s instructions and gone to get the power converters instead of cleaning the droids, he would have never discovered Princess Leia’s message hidden inside R2-D2, which then led him to track down the reclusive Kenobi, before he ended up becoming the savior of the entire galaxy after discovering his destiny.

For years, fans have joked about a spinoff that follows Luke as he simply goes to Tosche Station, picks up the fabled power converters and then goes home to call it a day. And now, in keeping with his streak of hilarious social media posts, Hamill has revealed that he finally got the job done 43 years behind schedule, as you can see below.

In deleted scenes from A New Hope, Luke actually made it to Tosche Station and encountered Biggs Darklighter, but the footage was cut from the theatrical edition of the movie. While it was made available in the Special Features of the Original Trilogy Blu-Ray release, it technically isn’t regarded as official Star Wars canon, but at least Hamill has finally completed his objective at long last.