Mark Hamill May Have Teased Kylo Ren’s Fate In Star Wars: Episode IX


Many have turned to the Twitter account of Mark Hamill with the hope of getting some intel on the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX, and almost all of them have come up empty-handed, with the actor taking pleasure in trolling his followers with fake titles and fake trailer drops, while staying tight-lipped on the upcoming trilogy-closer.

With that in mind, you may want to approach this recent tweet with caution, but it certainly sounds like Hamill is either getting subtler with his trolling or has dropped a genuine hint on the developments to come. The message came in response to the recent announcement that Hamill’s co-star Adam Driver has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in BlacKkKlansman, commending the actor’s achievement with the following tweet:

“Congratulations Adam on your well-deserved #Oscars nomination for #BlacKkKlansman, playing a good man only pretending to be evil! #justsayin”

That mischievous little “#justsayin” which Hamill sneaks onto the end makes it pretty explicit that he isn’t just talking about BlacKkKlansman here, and in the comment’s replies, we can see that many fans are taking the bait, interpreting the actor’s words as a tease that Kylo Ren will redeem himself in Episode IX.

Of course, the first two installments in the Sequel Trilogy have already made it clear that Kylo still has some good in him, so perhaps Hamill’s remark should be taken less as a spoiler and more as an observation of the character’s inner nature. Either way, it feels like a safe bet that Kylo will continue to wrestle with his conscience in his next film, but we’ll find out if he ever makes it back to the light side when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Twitter