Mark Hamill Trolls Fans Over Star Wars: Episode IX Title


Mark Hamill has long made it clear that he won’t be answering any Star Wars: Episode IX questions on Twitter, but fans being fans, they just keep on asking, and every now and then, the actor takes the opportunity to have a little fun with his followers.

This latest case saw the star responding to a question that’s become all too familiar to Star Wars and Marvel fans alike: What’s the official title? And in his reply, Hamill jokingly suggested that the name was right under our noses this whole time:

“EXCLUSIVE: It’s called #EpisodeIX.”

Now there’s a title that’s simple, logical, and utterly spoiler-free.

As it stands, we could well be referring to J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film as “Episode IX” for a few months yet, though seeing how Star Wars: The Last Jedi got its title reveal in January 2017, surely there’s a chance that 2019 will see a similar schedule play out. As for what this film might actually be called, the internet has offered few plausible suggestions, and while the rumored “Star Wars: A New Order” got a little attention back in August, you have to wonder if the final title really has a chance of leaking as early as this year.

In any case, with the feature’s first trailer reportedly not arriving until April, and Hamill and his peers doing a pretty good job at keeping quiet on what’s to come, it could be a while before we get anything more solid than leaked set photos to piece together a coherent picture of the upcoming trilogy-closer. We still have a long wait ahead of us, but all will be revealed when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.