Mark Hamill Wishes His Star Wars Dad Hayden Christensen A Happy Birthday

Star Wars Luke Jedi

In a galaxy far, far away, one man is wishing his space dad a happy birthday.

Hayden Christensen may not have led the most esteemed acting career, but his name will always be popping up in conversation, with the actor having played Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels. Yesterday, he celebrated his 38th birthday (happy birthday Hay) and there’s a fellow denizen of the Star Wars universe with some kind words to offer him:

Yep, just over 30 years separate Hamill and Christensen, but in Hollywood, such a paradox is no barrier to fatherhood. Christensen hadn’t even been born when Hamill introduced Luke Skywalker to the world back in 1977 (I say that like I was around “back in 1977”). Four decades and a whole lot of backstory later though, you get, er, Hamill’s tweet.

One of those sentences I started without really knowing where it was going. It’s a man’s birthday – you aren’t getting any hidden takes about who really came up with the space dad plot twist from Episode V. Those will be going on the forums.

Got any well-wishes of your own to offer the Christenman on his 38th? If so, you’re invited to leave them below, after which they’ll be written on sapphire parchment, sealed in a golden envelope and flown to him at great haste via the King’s finest carrier pigeon. Unless you’ve already sent him your message on Twitter, in which case you can forget everything I just said. Don’t know why I make the effort sometimes.

Anyways, that’s your lot. Here’s to Hayden Christensen’s good health and his potential cameos in new Disney+ Star Wars shows. If there’s one thing the world needs to alleviate its ills right now, it’s that. Honest.