Mark Hamill Teases That He’s Back To Work On Star Wars: Episode IX


Mark Hamill isn’t exactly work-shy. Ever since A New Hope released, he’s been keeping awfully busy, reprising the role of Luke Skywalker, appearing in a number of other movies and lending his acrobatic vocal talents to a variety of animated and video game characters.

But with Disney’s Sequel Trilogy having kicked his career up a notch, together with his confirmed appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX, even he thinks he might deserve Labor Day off. Sadly, however, it was not to be, as he explained the following via Twitter:

Where oh where might Mark Hamill be right now? Well, Episode IX‘s currently shooting in the UK on location and at Pinewood Studios, so he’s probably in a fancy London hotel. Unfortunately for him, however, the British Labor Day (or May Day) is on the first Monday in May, so he’s got to climb into his Jedi robes and practice making spooky sounds (because I assume he’s going to be showing up as a Force Ghost in the next movie).

One thing that’s been pointed out is that Hamill’s suspiciously beardless in these pictures. Luke in The Last Jedsported a famously bushy and unkempt beard, so I guess there’s a chance that his Episode IX incarnation might have taken a trip to the barbers in the afterlife. After all, when Anakin returned as a Force Ghost in Return of the Jedi, he was looking a damn sight more dapper than the last time he was actually alive (I’m going to ignore the Hayden Christensen addition in the later special editions).

Then again, there’s a chance he’s finished his work on Star Wars: Episode IX and has now started another project. After all, one fan asked him what he was working on at the moment and the actor replied: “At the moment, a crossword puzzle.” That being said, it’s probably safe to say that he’s still tied up with his Luke Skywalker duties for the time being.

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