Mark Ruffalo All But Confirms Hulk’s Run-In With Thanos At The End Of Thor: Ragnarok


Proving Black Panther isn’t the only one with deep, connective ties to Avengers: Infinity War, Mark Ruffalo has spoken more about Thor: Ragnarok and the way in which it tees up Hulk and Thor’s run-in with Thanos, Marvel’s Mad Titan.

Via Screen Rant, Ruffalo confirmed that both Bruce Banner and the God of Thunder “were introduced to Thanos” before being whisked back home to Earth and placed in the company of the Avengers. It opens up the field for Banner to become a Chicken Little-type messenger who warns his terrestrial allies about the oncoming threat, while Thor winds up crossing paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy. And together, they launch a quest to find a new weapon (Stormbreaker, perhaps?).

Here’s confirmation of that cosmic interlude, courtesy of Mark Ruffalo:

Yes… He went to another dimension for a little while and met up with his pal, good pal Thor, and they went on an intergalactic buddy trip, and then he came back. We were introduced to Thanos after doing a lot of fighting, and now he’s been brought back together with the Avengers.

And though his time among the stars was cut short by Marvel’s Mad Titan, Ruffalo went on to reveal that Hulk was actually “mightily impressed” by Thanos.

The Hulk is also mightily impressed by Thanos, The division between Hulk and Banner is starting to blur a little bit. You have a Hulk that can actually express himself without being angry.

We imagine Ruffalo is referring to the Mad Titan’s limitless power – he is the greatest villain in MCU history, after all – so don’t be fooled into thinking that the wide-eyed Bruce Banner is ready to switch allegiances anytime soon.

Because on April 27th, he’ll be siding with the Avengers as they gear up for Marvel’s two-part Infinity War. And we can hardly wait.