Mark Ruffalo Reveals Which Avenger He’d Like To Do A Movie With Next


Despite the popularity of Mark Ruffalo’s interpretation of the character with fans, there’s little chance of there being another Hulk solo movie due to some frustrating rights issues between Marvel and Universal. Still, the studio’s free to use the Green Goliath in a supporting role in any movie they want, which is something they’ve certainly taken advantage of.

Over the years, Ruffalo’s gotten used to hijacking the solo efforts of other heroes. Apart from his regular appearances in the Avengers films, Bruce Banner’s also appeared in a major role in Thor: Ragnarok and turned up for a cameo in Iron Man 3But which of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would Ruffalo want to team up with next? Well, when asked this question by The Marvelists podcast, the star answered thusly:

“Well, of course, there’s always the Banner-Black Widow combo, which I think is always a good combination.”

Fans will know that Banner and Natasha Romanoff go way back, with Black Widow being the one to recruit him onto the team in The Avengers. It wasn’t until Age of Ultron that they developed a romance, however. Though Ruffalo’s clearly a fan of the pairing, Marvel lovers often criticize the unlikely couple, which is perhaps why their attraction was barely referenced in Infinity War.

Luckily for Ruffalo, he could actually get another Marvel appearance alongside Scarlet Johansson’s Romanoff as the long-touted Black Widow movie‘s finally moving ahead. Cate Shortland was chosen as director back in July while a script’s being developed by Jac Schaeffer. It’s not known what the story will focus on just yet, but depending on the fallout of Avengers 4, it’s possible the Hulk could drop by.