Mark Ruffalo Teases Avengers 4’s “Mind-Blowing” CGI For The Hulk


The Incredible Hulk has come an awful long way since his first MCU appearance 10 years ago.

For one, he’s swapped out Edward Norton for Mark Ruffalo, while the CGI technology used to render Marvel’s Jade Giant has come on in leaps and bounds. Thor: Ragnarok is perhaps the most recent example of that CG wizardry at work, given the Hulk spent most of Avengers: Infinity War hiding within Bruce Banner – much to the bemusement of Tony Stark.

As we approach Avengers 4, though, Mark Ruffalo’s confident that the technology underpinning Joe and Anthony Russo’s blockbuster sequel will effectively knock our socks off, and explained exactly why during his recent appearance on the Marvelites Podcast.

I mean the technology’s come so far now – and just wait ’til you see the next one [Avengers 4]. What we’re able to do with the technology is mind-blowing!

Other topics covered by Mark Ruffalo include a possible Hulk/Wolverine crossover movie and the fact that Marvel’s upcoming Avengers 4 reshoots are largely focused around the film’s finale, which is sure to leave viewers rooted to the edge of their seats come 2019.

Because after 10 years (and change) of Marvel Cinematic Universe action, this is really it – the beginning of the end. Truth be told, we fully expect the Russo Brothers to close the book on Phase 3 and quietly retire OG heroes like Captain America and Iron Man, thereby leaving the door open for Captain Marvel to come in and cement her authority. She’s set to become the franchise’s strongest ever character, after all.

Miss Danvers has confirmed her place for Avengers 4, too, meaning 2019 really is the year of Captain Marvel. And we can hardly wait.