Mark Wahlberg’s mustache trends following ‘Uncharted’ trailer


Mark Wahlberg might be one of the highest-paid stars in the business, not to mention a two-time Academy Award-nominated actor and producer, but surely we can all agree that his action movies comprise the worst part of his on and offscreen oeuvre.

He’s a much better dramatic talent than he ever gets credit for, and his underrated comic chops have become an increasingly important part of his arsenal, but the square-jawed hero shtick generally yields the weakest results. However, playing a supporting role behind Tom Holland in Sony’s upcoming Uncharted could change that perception to a certain extent.

The video game adaptation will be hoping to cash in on Holland’s post-Spider-Man: No Way Home surge in popularity, with Wahlberg looking to bring his reliably gruff presence to the key part of Sully. A brand new trailer debuted yesterday, but as you can see from the reactions below, it’s his top lip that’s been dominating the conversation.

There are many people expecting Uncharted to fail given the middling footage we’ve seen and a questionable February release, not to mention the rampant inconsistency that still plagues the video game genre. The jury remains out, though, but at least we know there’s a high chance fans will be clamoring for Wahlberg’s mustache to get a spinoff of its own.