New Martial Arts-Themed Batman Animated Movie In The Works


We’re never far from a new Batman animated movie being released, and the next one in development has two key features that’ll pique fans’ interests. For one, it’s martial arts-themed, so that should give it a unique flavor. Secondly, Batman: The Animated Series supremo Bruce Timm is working on it.

The GWW is reporting that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is busy making Batman: Soul of the Dragon. Casting details are currently unknown, but the site has shared an in-depth plot breakdown. Instead of the Dark Knight’s detective smarts or gadgets, this movie will put the focus on his martial arts training, and see him come up against some old foes as he investigates a decades-old mystery.

The Caped Crusader will be thrown together with Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon when they discover they all have something in common: they were trained by the same martial arts master. Said sensei has been missing for years and the reappearance of a cursed relic is what causes the mystery of his disappearance to re-open. Batman and his former classmates will have to face-off to prove they’re the best fighter in order to claim the relic.

The GWW notes that Soul of the Dragon is based off the Richard Dragon: Kung-Fu Fighter comic book series from the 1970s written by Dennis O’Neil. This was where the titular Dragon, Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger all made their DC debuts. Along with Batman, all three are widely viewed as the best martial artists in the whole wide DC universe. It’s not a foregone conclusion who would win in a battle between them, then. As this is a Bat-movie, though, Bruce’s chances are high.

Warner Bros. has yet to officially confirm this film is on the way, and declined to comment on The GWW’s piece, but all this information certainly sounds legit and with any luck, Batman: Soul of the Dragon will be with us in spring 2021.