Black Panther’s Martin Freeman Confirms Another MCU Appearance


Throughout its 10 year history, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced some great supporting characters. But one that’s recently been thrown into the spotlight following Black Panther is Martin Freeman’s CIA agent Everett Ross.

While we met him briefly back in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, it was only in Ryan Coogler’s aforementioned spinoff that he really got a sizeable role and we had the chance to learn a bit more about him and even some of his backstory. Now, fans are wondering if we’ll get to see Freeman pop up in the MCU again and thankfully, it sounds like we will.

Speaking to Den of Geek, the actor confirmed that he’s still got a few more appearances left on his contract, saying:

“They introduced me in Civil War and said there would be a couple of other films, one of which was Black Panther.”

Martin Freeman in Black Panther

While he doesn’t reveal exactly how many more times he might show up, we can assume that he’ll at least appear once more. After all, Freeman’s a pretty popular actor and Marvel would be wise to keep him around, especially after audiences responded so well to his increased role in Black Panther.

As for where he could show up next? Well, T’Challa’s second standalone outing is a pretty good bet, though a sequel to Black Panther hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet – but it’s sure to happen. There’s also another possibility, though, which is a bit more interesting.

If you’ll recall, we learn in Black Panther that Ross used to be an Air Force pilot – and a pretty good one at that, judging by what we see him do towards the end of the movie. While this part of his backstory could mean nothing at all, it may actually be a bit of set-up for the character to appear in Captain Marvel. Sure, it’s a stretch, but given that Carol Danvers was also a member of the Air Force, and we know this part of her life will be explored in the film, could it be that she’ll encounter Ross at some point?

It’s possible. Though given Captain Marvel‘s 1990s setting, it might not actually be Freeman playing Ross in the pic if they decide to go with a much younger version of him. Then again, they could simply just head down the de-aging route and that way, the Sherlock star could still fill the role.

Regardless of whether it’s Captain Marvel or some other film, though, fans can at least rest easy now knowing that Black Panther won’t be the last they see of Martin Freeman’s CIA agent. We don’t expect him to ever have a starring role, mind you, but again, he’s a great supporting character and we’re excited to find out where he’ll turn up next.