Martin Scorsese Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Sinatra

In a recent interview, Martin Scorsese revealed what we had all expected for so long, he wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play Frank Sinatra in his biopic, which is currently in development.

When asked “So you still have Leo in mind for Sinatra?” Scorsese replied “Yes I do, but we are staring again with a new script and so that should begin in January or February.”

However, Scorsese stated that he couldn’t reveal who would be penning the script, suggesting that Phil Alden Robinson, who was originally signed on to write the script, is no longer around.

Also, when asked how he would tackle the music, he said his “first instinct” would be to have recorded music of Sinatra on top of the actor, while still trying to make it not look like lip syncing. When asked about the possibility of it being in 3D, he replied “Why not? Open your minds.”

Another Scorsese project we will see shortly is The Irishman. When asked about a potential sequel to Taxi Driver, Scorsese said “that came and went and we (Scorsese and Robert De Niro) have another project in mind that we hope to get next year or so.”

When asked if it was the one based on the book, Scorsese confirmed “Yeah Paint Houses” which is of course the book I Heard You Paint Houses, which Scorsese has retitled The Irishman for his film.

We know that Sinatra, The Gambler and Furious Love are all in development with Scorsese at the helm and we can presume that The Snowman will also join that list. However, be the sounds of “next year or so” Scorsese still may not have decided whether to do The Irishman or, his long awaited passion project Silence, first. It had previously been stated that Silence would start in January, but with no mention of it here, it seems it may have hit yet another road block.

Hopefully as Scorsese does the rounds for his latest film, Hugo, we will find out more information on the status of his many upcoming films. And if we do, we’ll keep you posted.