Martin Scorsese Confirmed To Direct The Snowman

THR have reported that Norwegian author Jo Nesbo has confirmed to a Swedish newspaper that Martin Scorsese will direct an English adaptation of his novel, The Snowman.

The Snowman is at British production company Working Title, and Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner will produce. Matthew Michael Carnahan, who wrote the screenplay’s for State Of Play and World War Z, will write the script.

The Snowman is the seventh of nine books in Jo Nesbo‘s series about detective Harry Hole. The synopsis for the novel reads:

“Oslo in November. The first snow of the season has fallen. A boy named Jonas wakes in the night to find his mother gone. Out his window, in the cold moonlight, he sees the snowman that inexplicably appeared in the yard earlier in the day. Around its neck is his mother’s pink scarf.

Hole suspects a link between a menacing letter he’s received and the disappearance of Jonas’s mother—and of perhaps a dozen other women, all of whom went missing on the day of a first snowfall. As his investigation deepens, something else emerges: he is becoming a pawn in an increasingly terrifying game whose rules are devised—and constantly revised—by the killer.”

Though Scorsese is signed on to direct the film, it is unclear if it will be the director’s next. It had been stated a while ago that Scorsese’s next film would in fact be his adaptation of Shusaku Endo’s Silence, however, those reports have not been confirmed. Scorsese also has a barrage of other films which include, The Irishman, Sinatra, The Gambler and Furious Love, which could all eventuate as his next film.

Casting is unclear, but as we have pointed out before that the character description, for the lead role of Harry Hole, is spot on for Scorsese’s muse, Leonardo DiCaprio, with Hole being described as:

“close-shaven blond hair, blue eyes, pale complexion” and “a classic loose cannon in the police force, with few close friends and some unorthodox methods.”

Silence was rumoured to be shooting through January to April, which is when Leonardo DiCaprio will shoot Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, so if The Snowman has taken Silence‘s time slot, we can unfortunately rule DiCaprio out.

Hopefully we will have more news on The Snowman and any other Scorsese projects for you soon.