Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Cabret Moves Distribution Date To Thanksgiving

Director Martin Scorsese has been busy at work prepping his first foray into both 3D and family movies, Hugo Cabret, for over two years now. Originally, it was heading for a December 9th release date with Sony. Now GK Films who is producing the picture, has moved to Paramount Pictures in order to make the Thanksgiving release of November 23rd. The producers which include Oscar winner Graham King feel this is better for the movie.

Of course that’s not too limiting to the schedule for Scorsese, but we do know there have been rumoured troubles with the 3D process, which I can imagine will also carry into post. Personally I can’t wait, Scorsese is a genius and there is very little evidence of a bad ‘Martin Scorsese Picture’, something new for the filmmaker that can see him moving into enticing new territory opening his films to a whole new audience. Hugo Cabret could be marvellous. I can’t wait for the trailer and the film. (Deadline)