Marvel Begins 50 Day Countdown To Black Panther With New Promo


Now that 2018 is very nearly upon us, the next Marvel movie is only a few short weeks away. In their earliest release yet, the studio will deliver Black Panther to us in February and ahead of its incoming arrival, the House of Ideas has now dropped a new promo to remind us that there’s just 50 days to go before the titular hero claws his way into theaters. Not that we haven’t been counting down ourselves, mind you.

After damn near stealing the show in Captain America: Civil War, it’s not hard to believe that legions of moviegoers are ready to lay down money for tickets to T’Challa’s first solo flick. Because aside from astonishing us with stellar visual effects and sweet costumes, the excitement that comes along with meeting the various supporting characters who inhabit Black Panther’s corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is sure to be part of the fun.

As such, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re over the moon with anticipation for the upcoming spinoff, and though this new promo doesn’t show us anything we haven’t seen before – in fact, it doesn’t really show us anything at all, save for a very brief snippet of recycled footage – it’s yet another reminder that we’re in for a good time this February.

Black Panther has had a top-notch promotional campaign so far, and with things really starting to ramp up over the past few weeks, it seems as if the marketing blitz is truly underway now and we can’t wait to see what else Marvel’s got up their sleeve. From what they’ve given us so far, it looks like Ryan Coogler’s upcoming entry into the MCU will end up being another home run for the studio and at this point, February 16th can’t come soon enough!