This Deadly Fan Poster For Marvel’s Black Widow Movie Belongs On Your Wall


Black Widow is reporting for duty in this deadly, jet-black fan poster for the forthcoming Marvel movie.

Drawn up the illustrious BossLogic – and seen in the gallery below along with a few that surfaced last week – this piece ought to be framed for the way in which it blends a silhouette of Scarlett Johansson’s super-spy, Natasha Romanoff, with an over-sized arachnid – the same one from which Black Widow derives her name.

At the risk of fangirling, the detail here is truly incredible, as BossLogic has reappropriated the spider’s famous pattern as a tentative film logo for the Black Widow spinoff, which may well take place in Russia, if Scarlett Johansson has her way. The Avengers star has been quoted as saying that she’d like to explore the nefarious Widow program, one responsible for molding Natasha Romanoff into a world-famous spy.

And make no mistake, she’s worthy of a full-fledged Marvel spinoff. Perhaps more so than any other MCU film before it, Black Widow’s origins were greatly explored in Age of Ultron, even if some still begrudge Joss Whedon for his handling of the character.

In any case, Widow will soon be returning for the two Avengers sequels, and below is an earlier quote from Johansson detailing her desire to craft a “rich origins story.”

She’s got a really rich origins story. There’s a lot of places you can go, you can bring it back to Russia. You could explore the Widow program. There’s all kinds of stuff that you could do with it. You could really uncover the identity of who this person is, where she comes from and where she’s part of.

Though Infinity War and the untitled Avengers 4 are still coming down the pipe, Natalia Alianovna Romanoff is about to headline a standalone movie of her own in Black Widow, and we couldn’t be more excited. A release timeline is still up in the air, but even if Marvel holds fire until Phase 4 – and chances are they will – Scarlett Johansson already has a few ideas of her own.