Is Marvel Bringing Dr. Strange And The Black Panther To The Big Screen?

With the gigantic success of Marvel’s The Avengers, the comic book juggernaut is already looking towards the future and trying to decide which of their classic superheroes will be next to grace the silver screen. Though nothing is confirmed as of yet, it looks like Dr. Strange and The Black Panther will be coming to a theatre near you sometime in the next couple of years.

How do we know this you ask? Well, there’s two stories breaking today that led us to the conclusion.

First, Deadline is reporting that Marvel president Kevin Feige revealed that two new unannounced films are in the works.

“In a week and a half we start filming ‘Iron Man 3’…by the end of the summer we’ll be working on the next ‘Thor’ film, early next year the next ‘Captain America’ film. Those are the three that we’ve announced so far, but we’ve got two beyond that we haven’t announced yet that we’re working on,” he said.

Now, the second part is what leads us to believe that the two films he’s talking about are Dr. Strange and The Black Panther. Comic Book Movie is reporting that Stan Lee has been doing the publicity rounds for The Avengers and in a recent interview, he was asked if Dr. Strange and The Black Panther are currently in the works, to which he replied:

I have a feeling they very well might be. They’re certainly being considered right now.

Now, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about Dr. Strange and The Black Panther films, but the fact that they are currently in the works means that they may be arriving in the next few years. We know that both films have scripts ready but we haven’t heard anything in terms of production or casting.

All that being said, there is still a fair bit of speculation as to which Marvel characters will receive films next. While it’s likely that Dr. Strange and The Black Panther have been chosen, there are other possibilities. Edgar Wright is still teasing his Ant-Man adaptation and a Guardians of the Galaxy film has been rumored for quite some time, with said rumors heating up in recent weeks.

Either way, whichever two films Feige is referring to, we’ll be sure to let you know when they’re confirmed.

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