Marvel Wants New Characters For The Avengers 2

It’s no surprise that Disney is going ahead with The Avengers 2. Even before The Avengers hit theatres we knew there would be a sequel. Now, with the film hovering around the $700 million mark, Disney wants to get the ball rolling, and quickly.

Earlier today Disney announced that they are officially putting the sequel into development, which was a no brainer. What’s more interesting though is that apparently, they’re looking to add in a couple new characters.

A source who works for Marvel (in a high-up position) told us that they’re hoping to include a few new characters in the film.

“The Avengers featured a lot of superheroes and surprisingly, Whedon [Joss] made it work quite well. Everyone got their fair share of screen time and no one felt under/over-used. For the sequel, we’re thinking of throwing a few more characters in. The film only included some of the characters that were on the team in the comics. There are more heroes that were part of the Avengers, so we have a lot of possibilities.”

As to who Marvel is thinking of adding in, that is still unknown, but if I had one guess, I’d like to go with Ant Man.

Talks of a solo Ant Man film have been heating up recently and I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio threw him into the mix for The Avengers 2, granted the timing works out and all.

If this turns out to be true, then my question is would these new characters need solo films to introduce them (like Thor, Iron Man and others did), or could they just be thrown in like Hawkeye was?

With The Avengers 2 being rushed into production by Disney, I’m assuming they won’t have time to give each of the new characters a solo film, which means that we may see some of them popping up in films like Thor 2 and Iron Man 3.

Of course, this “new characters” news is in no way confirmed and our source may have his facts wrong. But, it is fun to speculate and on that note, let the speculation begin.

Which heroes would you like to see added to the roster for The Avengers 2?