The Avengers 2 Is Already On The Way

Shocker. Even though movie-goers are barely dry from the explosion of superhero awesomeness that was The Avengers, its colossal, record-smashing $207.4 million opening weekend gross was a pretty good indictor that we would be seeing more from the team.

Disney CEO Bob Iger just announced today that along with Marvel, they are starting to develop The Avengers 2, adding that the film’s success was a great illustration of why they like Marvel so much. Iger also stated that merchandise sales were strong, meaning that not only is the film reaching a wide demographic, but the money will keep coming in long after The Avengers leaves theaters.

Overseas, the superhero assemblage has already grossed the $700-million mark and has earned rave reviews from critics and cinema patrons. With clues that an Ant Man movie may soon reach the development phases as well, when The Avengers assemble once more we may have even more of a dynamic team to root for.

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Simon Brookfield

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