Marvel Comics Have Introduced A New Way For X-Men To Join The MCU


Fans are understandably excited about the prospect of the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a reboot is currently in the very earliest stages of development. It looked as though we’d never see Charles Xavier’s team of mutants sharing the screen with the various members of the Avengers, but all it took was for Disney to continue swallowing their competition whole.

There’s been no shortage of speculation and theorizing about how the X-Men could end up being parachuted into the world’s most popular franchise, and that’s only increased since WandaVision began slowly introducing the multiverse into the mix. It’ll take some clever storytelling to explain that mutants have existed in the MCU the entire time without it feeling forced, but Marvel Comics may have provided a new method for making it happen.

The entire world of the X-Men has been rebooted in Dawn of X, which finds all mutants uniting together and residing on the living island of Krakoa, which has been recognized by the rest of the globe as an official nation. A mutant as well as their home, Krakoa provides plenty of bio-organic technology to speed up the advancement of the local culture.

One of the main driving forces behind Dawn of X is the idea of disparate mutants combining their powers to alter the laws of physics and nature, with a group known as The Five even able to conquer death. In the comics, S.W.O.R.D. have also since introduced The Six, who can combine forces to travel through any cosmic plane, which includes the multiverse.

As explains:

One of the big cornerstones of the new “Dawn of X” world of X-Men is how mutants are learning to combine their respective mutant powers to achieve god-like feats that bend the very laws of reality and nature. The main power combo set are the saintly group known as “The Five,” whose powers allow any mutant to be resurrected and restored after death. However, S.W.O.R.D. has taken things up a notch with “The Six,” a combination of mutant teleporters, seers, and power-enhancers that can act as an expedition team able to travel across any cosmic plane – or even through the multiverse itself.

An idea like “The Six” also allows for the type of slow-burn introduction that Feige and Marvel love for their MCU arcs. The first mutant that breaks into the MCU reality would herald a much bigger world of mutants (literally) to come and would be a bold showing of why that X-Men mutant power hits differently than all the other powers the MCU has already put on display.

Of course, Marvel have always looked to their comic book back catalogue for inspiration, and S.W.O.R.D. are clearly heavily involved in whatever’s going on outside of WandaVision‘s Westview, so they could well end up providing the jumping off point for bringing the X-Men into the MCU.